Continuous detection of toxic gases and oxygen in explosion hazardous area with flame proof structure
Excellent selectivity by adapting detection principle only for toxic gases & oxygen
Superior performance for detecting toxic gases below TLV
High quality and low cost of ownership
4-20mA (Current source or Sink) output signal
Simple structure and compact design
Easy calibration & maintenance with inside FND display
Calibration and maintenance by one-man

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   Measuring gas


Toxic gases (CO, CL2, NH3 & etc) 

   Measuring type

Diffusion type

   Measuring method

Galvanic cell or Electrochemical cell 

Electrochemical cell 

   Measuring range

Refer to Toxic Gas Measuring Range

   Response time

< 15sec / 90% scale 

< 45sec / 90% scale 


±3% / Full scale







   Output signal


Analog : 4-20mA Analog Output

Maintenance signal : 4mA

Calibration signal : 3mA

Fault signal : 0mA

   Conduit connection

Standard : PF 3/4"

Option : NPT 1/2", NPT3/4", M20 x 1.5P, M25 x 1.5P

   Mounting type

2" Pole mount, Wall mount, Duct mount

   Operating temperature  

-20°C ~ +50°C

   Operating humidity 

5 ~ 99%.RH (non-condensing)


 Housing : ALDC, SUS316(Option)

Sensor : SUS316 


136(W) x 176(H) x 95(D)mm