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Greetings! This is Gastron Co. Ltd., the No.1 enterprise in domestic gas detectors!
We sincerely thank you for visiting our company’s homepage.

Since its establishment in 1992 in the past,

Gastron Co. Ltd. has been doing its best only for technology development, while thinking nothing but customers’ safety. That was because of the characteristics of the products directly connected with precious life.
After ceaseless efforts, we have acquired various domestic and overseas certifications including SIL2, HART, ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, UL, etc. as well as 10 cases of patents related to gas detectors, through which we have established ourselves firmly as an enterprise leading domestic gas detector industry by obtaining trust.
Now, Gastron Co. Ltd. is in the process of taking a leap as an enterprise taking responsibility for not only domestic safety but also the safety of industry fields throughout the world. Through competition with overseas prestigious enterprises, we intend to display the competence of domestic technology and provide safety for more people. Our company’s gas detectors are already being supplied to Asia, Southeast Asia, Mideast, etc. showing high satisfaction in relation to quality, and hence brightening the prospect.
By the coming 2020, we will strive to become an enterprise providing gas safety for the whole world by enlarging our market to Europe and Africa.

Taking responsibility for somebody is a tremendously tough task.

Furthermore, it has to be carried out with extremely meticulous care and is all the more crucial if it relates to life. Thus, our company’s executives and employees are producing gas detectors with a sense of responsibility and mission along with pride.
Since even a small accident can cause great misfortune, we promise you that we will always do our utmost.
Safety is a foundation supporting happy life. There can be no happiness without safety.
Hence, the task of keeping safety is considered as a task of making people happy.
Gastron Co. Ltd. will always make efforts to bring about the meaning contained in safety, and higher values.
Thank you.